Oh, hey.
I'm Trevor.

I'm an artist and designer currently working in digital marketing at Simon and focusing on motion graphics and branding in my free time.


I'm a graduate of Ball State University with a BFA in Visual Communications. My love of design stemmed from an early fascination with animation and digital art, and continued to grow as I learned more about branding and advertising.

I'm also passionate about music. While I love listening to it everywhere I go, I've also been involved in communities of musicians for many years as a vocalist. I'm currently a member of an Indianapolis-based a cappella group called Impromptu, and have performed with them around the country as well as overseas in Taiwan and Russia.

When I’m not adjusting kerning and rearranging keyframes, I love playing video games, binge-watching Schitt's Creek, Dark, and a dozen other shows on Netflix, falling down YouTube rabbit holes for hours, or hanging out with friends and family.


Reach out at trevorbarnesdesign@gmail.com