Branding and Marketing

After joining the a cappella group Impromptu in 2017, I started working as their designer and social media manager and was put in charge of creating an identity system for the group. The name came from the on-the-spot but successful attempt at auditioning for an international competition the evening before submissions were due.

I created several concepts for us to choose from, each inspired by the contemporary styles of music we perform and the soul and excitement we put into our performances

The concept that the group chose in the end was a minimal and clean wordmark. The elegant sans serif delivers a refined and as refreshing look, with lower case letter "P's" that double as subtle music notes.

Visit the Impromptu website.

I pushed the brand further in the use of their social media. I used a muted but vibrant color palette throughout the identity as well as a clean pattern to represent smooth waveforms of sound.