Hiro Hibachi Express

Identity, Menu and Packaging

For this project, I rebranded a restaurant that was transitioning to become a food truck service, complete with a revamped company identity, food truck wrap, and take-out packaging solutions.


For this project, I worked with Hiro Hibachi Express, a Japanese Hibachi-style restaurant in Fishers, Indiana. Their restaurant is unique because of their ability to produce high quality Japanese food at a lower cost. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and contemporary compared to most traditional Japanese restaurants.


For the identity, I initally sketched three basic concepts. The inspiration for these concepts ranged from the food they served to the containers the food is served in.

The logo mimics the visual look of Bento boxes, which are sectioned containers used to serve meals in Japan.


I designed a wrap for a food truck which includes an abbreviated version of the menu along with the logo. I created an abstract geometric pattern that replicates the look of makizushi, pieces of rolled sushi. The sushi is used as a graphical element and follows the same look as the bento typography I designed.


I designed a menu that referenced the Bento box by separating each section of the menu into compartments. I also incorporated the bento box typography into the menu titles.


When speaking with the owners of the restaurant, I realized that presentation is very important, as they had multiple different plates and dishes to serve their food. In designing to-go packaging for Hiro, I kept presentation and the overall Bento box theme in mind, creating a sliding rectangular box to serve their sushi.

The boxes include an outer casing with typographical pattern, and an inner tray, which is completely black to emphasize the food inside. The outer walls of the tray are surrounded by the abstract sushi pattern.